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Food Concept, Housekeeping & Labour - Consultancy Advice

Food Concept & Menu Development

The food itself is the most critical and tangible part of your customer care whether or not it is your core business or a side provision. We are experienced at working across many sectors to provide nutritionally balanced food for multiple dietary requirements.

We carefully engineer menus with sector specific compliance in mind, keeping up to date with the latest allergy regulations and nutritional recommendations. All of our menus are carefully planned with your budget in mind. Our food solutions are creative and tailored to the end consumer.


Our specialist consultants can assist with maintaining and improving your cleaning provision. Using industry benchmarks we can tell you if your housekeeping costs are reasonable for the size and complexity of your establishment.

Cleanliness is essential for any hospitality environment and significantly impacts on your customer perception. Getting it wrong can have huge ramifications on your business. We are expert in infection control and a housekeeping audit can uncover any weaknesses in your cleaning regimes. Our consultants can provide fast and effective advice on outbreaks so that infection can be controlled, quarantined and eradicated from your premises quickly and efficiently, protecting your customers and causing minimum loss of revenue.


Any changes to your catering department, whether product or budget oriented, will have an impact on your staffing hours and labour requirements. We can help and advise with TUPE situations and guide you through the requirements whilst acting as mediators.

With over 21 years' experience in the catering consultancy sector, we are well placed to headhunt on behalf of our clients for catering managers and head chefs. When we can't find the right person for the job we will manage the recruitment process and assist with interviews and chef trade tests.

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