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Financial Reviews, Benchmarking & Tendering Contracts

Catering: In-House or Outsourced?

Deciding whether your organisation should operate its own catering or use the service of a contract caterer is a multi-faceted and complicated decision. Our specialist consultants help you define your strategy and vision and identify the advantages and disadvantages this choice represents to your organisation. We can then support your catering department with development of the in-house team or preparation of a detailed specification and contract if outsourcing is preferred.

We manage in excess of £10 million pounds of contract negotiations annually and our consultants expertise is first class in this area ensuring the very best value for our clients.

Financial Performance Measurement

Our professional audit services will measure financial and qualitative performance throughout the life of the contract, providing our clients with peace of mind and above all an independent industry respected report on your contractor's performance.


We have over 21 years' experience in the industry and our extensive knowledge of tender management, contracting and the legal pitfalls is invaluable. Our consultants provide professional expertise throughout the tender process and liaise with legal experts to ensure contracts are watertight and preserve the performance of the supplier throughout the life of the contract.

Make us your first point of contact before signing or considering a contractor change.

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