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Specialist Consultancy Services

Food Concept & Menu Development

We design and deliver food concepts which are modern, refreshing, delicious and appealing across a range of cost plus and retail sectors.

Before we begin the development process, we research and identify aims and targets - both financial and qualitative - talk to consumers and understand skills and talents within organisations. We also look to identify special requirements such as allergies and intolerances.

Our consultants then use this research framework to create new concepts, menus, recipes and method statements. Each dish is costed and measured. The icing on the cake is the final stylising and design of the dish. Our creative team work to ensure that the interpretation and style of this dish is delivered to maximise its market appeal.

Practical Support

Our consultants provide practical hands-on expertise to help catering departments change and develop. Typically clients use this service when:

- Installing a new kitchen
- Undergoing significant growth
- Implementing a new concept or brand
- Opening a new restaurant or outlet

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