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Understanding & Reviewing Your Catering

A review of catering is often the first point in creating a development plan. We review financial, qualitiative and labour performance.

Housekeeping & Laundry Service Reviews

Our reviews of housekeeping can assess cleaning efficiency and infection controls. We can check if staffing hours are correct and delivering value.

Financial Reviews, Benchmarking & Contracts

Deciding whether to operate your own catering or outsource to a contractor is a complicated decision. We can advise on the advantages and the pitfalls of each.

Commercial Kitchen & Dining Design

We redesign commercial kitchens, restaurants and dining rooms. Our design journey always starts from the food concept which makes us unique.

Training & Development

We run a number of compliance courses including Levels 1 & 2 Food Hygiene, HACCP and Health & Safety. We also run creative courses designed to train chefs.


Advice on staffing levels required for current and future food offers. We can help with, recruitment, TUPE and legal requirements.


Our software gives the ultimate control to catering managers, chefs and accountants. Helping you stay in control of financial performance.

Specialist Services

We design and help you deliver modern, refreshing, delicious and appealing menus. Improve your brand presence and market appeal.

Our Experience

MYA was established in 1992 and 21 years on we are one of the UK's leading independent hotel and catering consultancies. We are particularly renowned for our foodservice consultancy in Independent Schools and across the education sector. Our team brings a strong collective of expertise in healthcare, events, hotels, restaurants and retail food outlets to develop your commercial catering strategy and achieve your operational objectives.

Currently our offices are in Stroud, Gloucestershire but we work across the UK and also travel to support our clients in Guernsey and Europe with fresh and innovative foodservice solutions.

We believe that our catering consultancy is more creative and comprehensive than any of our competitors, built on longstanding, loyal relationships with clients and a track record in maximising commercial opportunity. To find out what we can do for your business .....

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