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The Government is taking a much closer interest in the food we eat, with better diet being the weapon of choice in the struggle against obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The process begins with encouragement – but as legislation often follows, the more prepared you are, the better.

If you’re responsible for a school dining hall, it’s generally accepted that you need to offer a nutritionally balanced and attractive diet for your charges. However, the same applies if you’re responsible for an office canteen. The right food can make a real contribution to well-being and productivity in the workplace. With life expectancy increasing, we are reaching the era of five different generations in the workplace. Each generation has its own tastes and needs to cater for, and keeping each group happy and healthy on a daily basis can be a real challenge.

Increasingly, your customers are exercising choice when it comes to choosing their food. Your menus must respect different cultural backgrounds, and some customers will be pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan – or simply following an athletic diet or a low-carb regime. Allergies are also an important issue, and the penalties for making a mistake in this area are severe, not just for the sufferer, but for your entire operation.

It’s time to take a professional approach to nutrition consultancy, ensuring that you have all the right options for customers. Our qualified experts will help you identify the current nutritional content of your menus, and make recommendations which can help you reduce fat, sugar, and salt, while increasing fibre. Our nutrition consultancy can also include recommendations to fit religious requirements, to please people on restricted diets, and to avoid allergy problems.

We’ll look behind the menu, examining your recipes, storage and cooking techniques, your supply chain and the use of premanufactured food. We’ll train and motivate your staff, and also help you to steer your customers towards healthier choices.

Customers being more aware of nutrition, changing tastes, and stronger personal preferences can be seen as a threat to traditional catering. But if you take on the challenge, you can really make a positive difference that will benefit your customers and business.

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  • The team, led by Carla McKenzie, were meticulous in every detail. They modelled the cleaning requirements to deliver the optimum solution for the facilities across EMEA, and really took time to understand the culture of our business. I have no hesitation in recommending MYA and its team – they are dedicated and innovative, and always go the extra mile.

    Natalia Ros Vargas, Office Team Leader,
  • Carla and her team have broad experience in the industry. Apart from being very supportive in inventing (new) concepts, they also make use of their many years of experience when implementing these concepts. Their ultimate goal is to let people enjoy honest and good food.

    Marcel Bisselink, Owner, Daily Fresh Food, Galeen, Netherlands
  • Carla and her team worked tirelessly with us to ensure our very international and cross-cultural needs were met with great creativity and skill. They listened to us, responded to our needs and delivered above expectations.

    Angela Hencher, Director of Business Administration, Dulwich College, Shanghai Pudong
  • They are brave enough to challenge others in pursuit of the ultimate solution, whether it be behind the scenes with kitchen flow and catering management, or front-of-house service and design.

    Richard Russell, Catering Equipment Distributor Director, Western Blueprint
  • If all companies who serve the independent school sector had your breadth of vision and openness of mind, I have little doubt that the sector would be a richer and more exciting place to be.

    Phillip Godfrey, Bursar, Halliford School
  • During the negotiation process, Carla’s knowledge and expertise enabled our company to achieve a very strong commercial outcome, and some significant savings were yielded from the exercise.

    Penny Arnold, Commercial & Operations Director, Fusion Lifestyle