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Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy

Our consultants design and style food concepts which maximise commercial business opportunity and always back this vision with research on provenance and robust business planning. In some instances this food concept initial phase of projects becomes part of a broader brief to inform design or refurbishment of a new kitchen or restaurant.

Because the hospitality industry is so people-centric, our headhunting and recruitment service for catering is highly sought after. Finding the right hotel or restaurant manager, housekeeper or the best head chef that will win your kitchen rave reviews is crucial to the success of a hotel or restaurant. If we can't headhunt the right person from our wealth of industry contacts, we can help take the pain out of recruitment and manage the entire process including chef craft trade tests to ensure the right person is recruited.

Our housekeeping experts can assist and advise on labour levels required to effectively clean, launder and present hotel rooms. We also redesign kitchens for establishments ranging from small 'village owned' pubs to large hotel chains. As always we tailor the design to the menu you will be producing.

Whatever your hotel or restaurant foodsevice consultancy needs, we can provide a benefit realisation plan to ensure your business is quickly profitable and successful.


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