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Charity Fun!

Charity work is a very important part of the way we do business and more broadly the way we lead our lives. Our approach to charity work is reflective of how we care for our client's needs. We take our commitment to our community seriously and are proud of the projects and affiliations we have with the community in which we work.

We get involved with fundraising for charities close to our hearts from supporting the local women's refuge to undertaking sponsored bike rides for British Military Charities.

Hannah and Daniel Cycle London to Brighton
September 2014

Hannah and Daniel are cycling 54 miles from London to Brighton which includes a gruelling climb up Ditchling Beacon. Training starts now and both are grateful for your support for their chosed charities - two worthy causes very close to their hearts.

Hannah's Story

My father was diagnosed with a rare, incurable and terminal disease called Amyloidosis last October. Amyloid is present in many medical conditions including Alzheimer's. In my father's case it attacked his heart, spleen and kidneys turning them to stone.

A cure is incredibly close and in gratitude of my father's treatment at the world leading National Amyloidisis Centre in London I have decided to try and raise as much money for them as possible to further fund the promising drug trials now in progress.This new drug won't just help amyloidosis patients, there is potential that a breakthrough would help Alzheimer's sufferers as well.

My grandfather used to do London to Brighton in under 2 hours - can I beat that? No I can't. But I will promise to ride faster, sweat more and sob more tears of pain for every £1 I raise!

Daniel's Story

My 6 year old daughter Bridget has been totally deaf in her left ear since she was about 2 years old. She does such a fantastic job of hearing by concentrating hard and partially lip reading that you would not notice. She does not seem phased by this at all and does so well amongst the hustle of today's demands and noise, not to mention her little sister... I am so very proud of her!

Some children are deaf through sudden illness or physical trauma and it can be a fraught experience helping them to communicate. I want to raise awareness for them and their support network as incredibly, support for these young people is under threat. My daughter went deaf quite suddenly and the support of the National Deaf Children's Society was invaluable to our family.

Deaf children deserve and have a right to be treated equally. Please help me support this charity so they can keep on helping to support deaf children.

George & Dan

George Panks, our designer, and Daniel Spencer, head of stock control software, recently completed the highest, longest and fastest zip wire trip in Europe up in Snowdonia. Their faces were a picture but these intrepid lads did it for Bike Tours For The Wounded, a Charity that exists to provide trips for wounded soldiers as pillion passengers in America.

Bike Tours for the Wounded Calendar 2014

In September 2013 Carla set off on the road again, hitting Route 66 with an eclectic group of ex-military personnel with life changing injuries and terminal illnesses, and the riders who would take them on the back of a Harley Davidson through the heart of America. The tour is funded entirely by the riders. In addition, both riders and their military pillions use the opportunity to raise awareness and money for British Military Charities. This year Carla has decided to produce a calendar featuring all the soldiers on this year's tour with all proceeds going to Military Charities.

Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the soliders who have agreed to feature in this calendar. All proceeds will be donated to British Military Charities in support of the injured and their families.

£ 9.95
All profit will go to British Military Charities

Bike Tours for the Wounded 2011 / 2012 - The Slideshows

Carla Rides Route 66
Carla & Elaine
Wounded Soldiers Tour

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