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Our Training & Development Services

Our training services deliver inspiring and motivating courses and coaching for catering and housekeeping teams. We delight in delivering good, robust knowledge transfer to our clients.

Food Hygiene & Compliance

We run a full portfolio of compliance courses including:

- Level 2 Food Hygiene (basic)
- Level 3 Food Hygiene (Intermediate - for managers and head chefs)
- Health & Safety (kitchen based)
- Risk Assessments (kitchen based)
- HACCP training

We are fellows of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

Creative Cooking Courses

Our creative courses include:

- Menu Engineering
- Food Concept Design
- Function Planning
- Craft Skill Development (Basic & Intermediate level courses available)
- Food Styling
- Modern Kitchen Equipment - technology, techniques and practical use

Courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements, for example clients installing new kitchens will often use this service. We also run more generic industry courses which clients share.

Health & Nutrition Courses

Our courses for health:

- Measuring Nutrition (theory)
- Nutritional Cooking (practical)
- Specialist Diet & Allergy Cooking
- Performance Development

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