MYA Boss in Inspiring Photo Exhibition

MYA’s Managing Director, Carla McKenzie, features in a new photographic exhibition, ‘Women Who Ride Motorbikes’, which is touring the UK all through 2023. 


The exhibition, by photographer Patricia Webb, is a photographic story of women who were motorcycle pioneers in earlier generations, combined with today’s trailblazers. The subject matter may be women and their machines: but it’s also a record of profound social change. 


Webb sets her camera lens on these women on and off their bikes, putting to right the stereotypes by showing the extraordinary depth and breadth of their interests and achievements. 


Carla features in the exhibition alongside her mother, Margaret Young, the founder of MYA and another keen motorcycle rider, who died in 2022.


Carla’s mother was a strong believer in equal opportunities for men and women, and lived this in her life and work. As well as riding all her life, she was a competitive glider pilot and yachtswoman. Her commitment to equality continues to inspire the current generation at MYA. 


Carla comments: “it’s a huge privilege to be part of this exhibition, which I hope will encourage others to achieve their dreams in life, without limitations. It was incredibly moving to share this space with mum, and to appreciate just how far society has travelled in the mission to become more inclusive – thanks to people like her”. 


For more on Patricia Webb and her campaign in photographs, go to 





  • The team, led by Carla McKenzie, were meticulous in every detail. They modelled the cleaning requirements to deliver the optimum solution for the facilities across EMEA, and really took time to understand the culture of our business. I have no hesitation in recommending MYA and its team – they are dedicated and innovative, and always go the extra mile.

    Natalia Ros Vargas, Office Team Leader,
  • Carla and her team have broad experience in the industry. Apart from being very supportive in inventing (new) concepts, they also make use of their many years of experience when implementing these concepts. Their ultimate goal is to let people enjoy honest and good food.

    Marcel Bisselink, Owner, Daily Fresh Food, Galeen, Netherlands
  • Carla and her team worked tirelessly with us to ensure our very international and cross-cultural needs were met with great creativity and skill. They listened to us, responded to our needs and delivered above expectations.

    Angela Hencher, Director of Business Administration, Dulwich College, Shanghai Pudong
  • They are brave enough to challenge others in pursuit of the ultimate solution, whether it be behind the scenes with kitchen flow and catering management, or front-of-house service and design.

    Richard Russell, Catering Equipment Distributor Director, Western Blueprint
  • If all companies who serve the independent school sector had your breadth of vision and openness of mind, I have little doubt that the sector would be a richer and more exciting place to be.

    Phillip Godfrey, Bursar, Halliford School
  • During the negotiation process, Carla’s knowledge and expertise enabled our company to achieve a very strong commercial outcome, and some significant savings were yielded from the exercise.

    Penny Arnold, Commercial & Operations Director, Fusion Lifestyle