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Bold British company wins contract for work at international college in Maastricht

17th March 2016

As the UK gears up for the referendum on EU membership, British company MYA Consulting has won a prestigious design contract at the United World College in Maastricht, the city whose name became a symbol of European integration after the Maastricht Treaty was signed there in 1992. Whatever the result of the UK's EU referendum on June 23rd, MYA Consulting will be busy redesigning the mensa (cafeteria), menu and kitchen of the UWC Maastricht located in the North Eastern part of this renowned Dutch city. Founded in 2009, UWC Maastricht was the twelfth of the fifteen United World Colleges that now exist on five continents. The first was Atlantic College in South Wales, founded in 1962, where MYA Consulting has also helped to revamp the catering facilities.

UWC Maastricht has some 860 students from more than a hundred countries, from Albania to Zambia, Burkina Faso to Burma and Kenya to Kosovo, ranging in age from 3 to 18. 180 of them are full-time residential students and MYA aims to cater for all their tastes with a mouth-watering selection of ingredients and menus from all over the globe, cooked in the most 'green' and environmentally sustainable way possible.

The contract was won against fierce competition but MYA has built up a reputation for daring innovation in the field of catering consultancy and design, summed up by their slogan, 'Be Bold, Be Brave'. Delighted MYA Managing Director Carla McKenzie said, “We were chosen because our company ethos and values closely reflect those of UWC and its founder, Kurt Hahn, and because of our particular flair and expertise in designing inspiring environments for young people to eat and socialise in. The contract will contribute significantly to the company's growth and strengthens our foothold in the wider European market place. We are currently pursuing several other international opportunities.”

For more information please contact: Carla McKenzie, Managing Director of MYA Consulting

Tel: +44 (0) 1453 765 643

Email: carla.mckenzie@mya-consulting.co.uk

UWC: Atlantic College,the first of the 15 United World Colleges, was founded in 1962 by the German-Jewish educator Kurt Hahn CBE, who also founded Schloss Salem school in Germany and Gordonstoun in Scotland in 1934, following his departure from Nazi Germany. The Duke of Edinburgh was a pupil at both Salem and Gordonstoun in the 1930s and Prince Charles was a pupil at Gordonstoun in the 1960s. Lord Mountbatten of Burma was an enthusiastic supporter of Atlantic College and the first president of the United World Colleges movement, succeeded by Prince Charles in 1978 and Nelson Mandela in 1995. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was a student at Atlantic College from 1983-85 and he opened the new UWC Maastricht campus in 2013. The International Baccalaureate has been the principal qualification gained by UWC graduates since 1972.

UWC Maastricht: For more information please see: uwcmaastricht.nl

UWC Maastricht

UWC Maastricht Square

Graduate Consultant with a specialism in food quality, product development and nutrition. (Mandarin Speaker)

12th Feb 2016

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Job Description

Carla McKenzie appeared in Cotswold style magazine!

6th August 2015

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My Way on the Byway for the Wounded

26th February 2015

From high-powered catering to low-powered trail riding, for charity. Carla's Challenge is to ride a trailbike for over a thousand miles of byways, backroads and dirt tracks from John O'Groats to Land's End – starting on her 51st birthday.

Carla McKenzie is a successful businesswoman who's set herself a formidable new challenge to raise money for a good cause. In July 2015, she's going to ride a motorcycle from John O'Groats to Land's End, in aid of the Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust and Bike Tours for the Wounded.


Carla is the managing director of MYA Consulting Limited, based in Stroud, Glos and she's had an unusual career path leading up to her current position. She left school at sixteen but had a rapid rise in catering, progressing quickly from waitressing and bar work to become the senior manager of a Hilton hotel at the age of twenty-one. At twenty-three, she 'ran away to sea' to work for P&O, and then ran catering and retail operations for Red Funnel Ferries in Southampton. Carla moved onwards and upwards to become Director of Catering at the Royal Festival Hall and South Bank Centre, and ran major events at Wembley, Lords and the Oval. After a stint running a £7million business at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, she joined her parents, John and Margaret Young, at the then recently founded MYA in 1992, stepping up to managing director in 2006. MYA is well established in the Independent Catering Consultancy Market with many high profile clients.

Carla and her parents share a passion for motorcycles. John was a police motorcyclist for ten years, has owned a succession of high-powered machines down the decades, and has recently bought a brand new Honda CB1100 at the age of 75. Margaret has been riding bikes of all kinds for fifty years and used to carry Carla and her brother all over the country in a Watsonian sidecar attached to a Triumph Bonneville 650, bought new in 1967. Margaret and John currently take it in turns to drive a powerful Suzuki 1800 outfit, in addition to their two-wheelers. All three were seen with Chris Evans on The One Show last Friday: Carla and her newly acquired Husqvarna 250 trailbike, with Margaret at the controls of the Suzuki and John in the sidecar.

Carla's owned a lot of bikes over the years and currently has a stable of seven. She's ridden all over Europe on her own, done numerous track days and passed her advanced riding test. She's also sailed and flown gliders in the past. Carla successfully juggles her biking with a busy work schedule managing the highly skilled MYA team.

Inspired by the story of Lt Dougie Dalzell MC, and the charity founded in his name, Carla got involved with Bike Tours for the Wounded (BT4TW) which provides life-changing motorcycle rides for severely injured service personnel. Since 2011 Carla has done four tours with BT4TW, riding Harley-Davidsons across the USA with severely injured servicewomen behind her on the pillion seat.

Wounded Bikers

Now she has given herself this new challenge so that ten more wounded service personnel can ride pillion along the famous Route 66. Starting on July 8th 2015, her 51st birthday, Carla's going to ride a motorcycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End, using road-legal but unpaved ancient tracks and byways as much as possible. Carla had her first motorcycle trail ride in early February 2015 and quickly discovered that three decades of riding on tarmac is no preparation for mud, rocks and roots: “I came quite a cropper on my first time out on the trail and I'm desperately trying to get my dirt-riding skills and my strength and fitness up in time for the big ride – it's a scary prospect! I have enlisted the help of the Wiltshire branch of the Trail Riders Fellowship, and training has begun in earnest. I’m boosted by the thought that I’m doing it for people who have suffered terribly, and who face far greater challenges than me, every day.”

To make a contribution to support Carla's ride on behalf of the Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust go to www.justgiving.com/Carla-McKenzie1

Carla McKenzie can be contacted at:
Phone: 01453 765 643
Email: byway@mya-consulting.co.uk
Twitter: #mywayonthebyway

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